The Best Time to Visit Tirupati

Lord Venkateshwara Balaji Temple, one of the most fascinating and holiest places in Tirupati, is thought to be more than a thousand years old. The story goes that, centuries ago, a farmer reported hearing a supernatural voice coming from an anthill. Frightened and confused, the farmer quickly informed King Thondaiman about the phenomenon. Following an investigation into the anthill, the king decided to build a temple on the site to honour the size and grace of the structure. One of the most fascinating things about the temple is that for its rituals and other devotional ceremonies, butter, milk and other offerings are brought from a village about 20 km away. However, to date, no one knows the location of this village.

a mist-covered mountain as seen from a afar and a tree in the foreground

When to Visit Tirupati?

Though it is a great place to visit throughout the year, winter is the best season to visit Tirupati. Between March and September, summer temperatures can go up to 40 degrees Celsius, making the weather hot and humid. During monsoon, between July and October, the heat subsides, making it more pleasant amid frequent spells of rain. Brahmotsavam, one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the area, takes place in September. Around this time, the weather is mild and perfect. Owing to its hilly terrain, Tirupati transforms into a lush green haven during monsoon. During winter, the temperature drops to around 15 degrees Celsius, making this the best time to explore the temple town. Do not forget to pack light woollen clothes when you visit Tirupati in winter.

Places to See in Tirupati

No matter what season you consider the best time to visit Tirupati, there are certain landmarks that you cannot avoid during your sojourn. A prominent destination on the list of places you should visit is Sri Venkateswara National Park. The national park's beauty is enhanced by flourishing valleys, cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, diverse wildlife and stunning sceneries. The park houses several endangered animals like Nilgai, Golden Geckos, hyenas and Flying lizards. If you’re an aquaphile, don't miss out on the experience of taking a dip under the magical Talakona Waterfall. As it is enriched with herbs and medicinal plants, it is said that the water here possesses therapeutic characteristics. Another notable addition to your list of places to visit in Tirupati is Papavinasanam Dam, where a plunge in the holy waters is thought to cleanse pilgrims of their sins. Whether it be a pilgrimage or an aesthetic getaway, Tirupati stands out as a must-visit tourist destination in India. During your stay, check out the well-equipped rooms, modern facilities and impeccable service at Raj Park, one of the best hotels in Tirupati.