The Mysterious Talakona Waterfall in Tirupati

Talakona is the tallest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. Standing at a towering height of 82 meters, it is truly a spectacle to behold. Located within the stunning Sri Venkateswara National Park, the trees surrounding the waterfall give it a mysterious charm. As it is located almost an hour’s drive away from Tirupati, the national park is not very crowded and is one of the best places to visit near the city.

sun shining on a dog standing in a waterbody with water falling next to it


What's so Special About the Falls?

Besides the rich flora and fauna surrounding Talakona Waterfall, legend has it that these falls have a magical touch. The locals in the area believe that the water has powerful healing properties that, when combined with the herbs found in the area, can treat sick individuals. Additionally, owing to its location deep inside a forest, there are several interesting and unexplored places to visit near Talakona waterfall. If you are lucky, you may spot some wild animals like Golden Gecko and Mouse Deer. The park also offers stunning trekking trails for adventure enthusiasts. If all you want to do is to sit near the water and enjoy some peace and quiet, this destination is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers.

When Should you Visit Talakona Waterfall?

The best time to visit Talakona waterfall varies depending on who you ask. It is best explored between October and January, especially during the monsoon months. During this time of the year, the forest surrounding the falls is lush and several small streams cut through the dense jungle. Apart from being the best time to visit the falls, this is also the best season for you to explore the trekking trails nearby. During monsoon, the waterfall is intensified by the surplus water and is at its picturesque best. When it comes to visiting Talakona waterfall, season and time of day are no bar to admiring the beauty of this natural wonder.

Places to Visit near Talakona Waterfall

There is no dearth of stunning places to visit near Talakona waterfall, making it a much sought-after attraction. The 240 m canopy rope walk is 10 to 12 m high and gives visitors an unforgettable thrill as they walk over the falls. There are several unexplored caves nearby that offer enthralling adventures. Most importantly, Talakona waterfall lies deep inside the forest, making it an exciting and serene getaway for people seeking solitary adventures. As you explore the depths of the jungle, you are treated to unknown birds chirping to the glory of the shadows created by the trees towering over you. If you plan to visit during the monsoon, do not forget to carry a raincoat and wear appropriate footwear to avoid the leeches lurking around. After a long day of exploring, recover in the well-appointed rooms at Raj Park, Tirupati.