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We will be focusing on the five matches to be held in Chennai during World Cup 2023, which involves teams like India, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and South Africa. Let us take a look at M. A. Chidambaram Stadium and when these matches will be held.


In this blog, we will unravel the beauty and creativity that lie within the handicrafts of the vibrant city of Chennai. From the colourful textiles to the intricate metalwork and charming pottery, Chennai's handicrafts showcase the essence of its cultural heritage.

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With its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, Chennai offers a myriad of enchanting locations for a dreamy pre-wedding photoshoot. Let's explore some of the most romantic spots that will weave timeless memories of your love story.

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The road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry, which covers a distance of about 160 km, enables visitors to escape the bustle of the city and take in the tranquil beauty of the Bay of Bengal's shoreline.

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It takes careful planning and organisation to pack for a business trip so that you have everything you need for your professional obligations and still seem put together and professional. Here is a thorough packing guide that will help you pack for a business trip.

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In addition to the incredible people, breathtaking beaches, majestic temples, and other architectural marvels, Chennai has an array of museums. The museums will help you look at Chennai from the perspective of its rich cultural heritage. The majority of museums are home to historical artefacts from the Pallava Dynasty up until British Rule. Here are some of the best museums in Chennai that you should never miss out on.

Old Chennai Temple

With a rich and vibrant past dating back many centuries, let us delve into the captivating story of how Old Madras evolved from humble beginnings to the bustling metropolis that is Chennai!

Deity Wearing Temple Jewellery

Adorning deities in the temples of the city, temple jewellery reflects Chennai's rich history and culture, and with the rise in demand, came an emergence of temple jewellery stores. Let's explore the history and significance of temple jewellery in Chennai.

Temple facade in Chennai

Kapaleeshwarar Temple is one of the most significant and ancient temples in Chennai, India. It is located in Mylapore, which is one of the oldest and most culturally rich areas of Chennai.

Intricate interiors of a church

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is a city that is steeped in history, culture, and tradition. One of the most significant markers of this history is the abundance of beautiful churches that dot the city. Read on for more details.

a dim-lit conference hall with people attending a symposium

Being an industrial hub, Chennai hosts a range of international conferences throughout the year. Read further to know the line-up for 2023!

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While a city can boast of having many high-end restaurants and expensive hotels, the best representation of the culture and the traditional culinary scene is always the easily accessible street food enjoyed by the local crowd. Here are a few must-try street foods that you will definitely enjoy.

A Bharatanatyam performance by Children

The capital of Tamil Nadu boasts of several accomplishments in the domains of music, dance, cinema, health & safety and the preservation of heritage sites. Here are some facts about the culture of Chennai that would give you an idea of how incredible this city truly is.

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There are several ways to have an amazing new year celebration in Chennai as you can choose from the throbbing parties and unwinding Church visits. Or you can choose to have both. Here are a few ways you can welcome the new year in Chennai.

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Margazhi Festival is one of the biggest platforms that celebrate Carnatic music. It starts off with traditional music and goes on to traditional dances.

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Families can utilise time accurately with strategically located hotels close to tourist attractions or relax with the luxurious hotel amenities.

Temple facade in Chennai

Chennai offers the best of all worlds - from spectacular beaches to delectable food. Two days are ideal for visiting Chennai with a detour trip to Pondicherry.

A bride posing in her wedding saree

From wedding gowns to wedding suits, wedding shopping in Chennai is an exhilarating experience. The city houses an impressive list of clothing, jewellery, and couture stores that will appeal to brides-to-be.

A syringe and medicine laying on a table

Chennai's medical infrastructure has grown to be a fundamental centre for medical tourism. The city's government hospitals are known for offering quality intensive care units, services for newborns and rare surgeries as well as pre/post-operative care at an affordable cost.

a facade of a temple in india

This capital town of Tamil Nadu is dotted with some of the most stunning heritage temples and religious sites. Exhibiting astounding structure and intricate designs, these temples not only attract religious enthusiasts and devotees, but also visitors who are keen on exploring architectural marvels.

facade of an IT building

Chennai is the second largest IT hub in the country, next only to Bangalore. The city is home to the largest IT park of India and is renowned as the hub for deep technology startup companies.

a cycle parked on the beach during sunset

Chennai is renowned for its long coastline and pristine beaches. Here are a few that need to be on your must-visit list during your next stay at Raj Park Chennai.

sunset view of the sea in chennai

Witness the splendour of Marina beach and the things to do while exploring its 12 km stretch -  here are a few places to visit in and around India's longest beach.

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Travelling in the scorching heat can be quite strenuous. To alleviate your exhaustion, we have a list of business trip tips for you!