Beaches to Visit in Chennai

Tamil Nadu has the second-longest coastline in India, after Gujarat. The state, and its capital Chennai, in particular, have multiple seaports, harbours and of course, beaches. So when you book your tickets to visit the home of Fort St. George Museum, make sure to plan a trip to the most renowned, breathtaking beaches in Chennai.

view of a beach with waves overlapping on the sand

Marina Beach

You simply cannot have a conversation about beaches in Chennai without mentioning Marina Beach. It is the longest urban beach in India and quite possibly the first name that comes to mind when mentioning Chennai. It spans over 12 km and is the pride of Chennai. There are a number of statues of famous children of Tamil Nadu and India strewn along the promenade. A few renowned icons from the Tamil culture have been laid to rest here, leading to huge throngs of followers lining up to pay homage. Swimming is prohibited here due to strong currents but it is a lovely spot to unwind and catch up with friends.

Elliot's Beach

Named after Edward Elliot, a former high-ranking bureaucrat in the erstwhile Madras Presidency, Elliot's beach is a strong contender amongst the best beach in Chennai. It is located in Besant Nagar and is also referred to as Besant Nagar Beach. Visitors are not barred from swimming, but are warned to do so at their own risk. The serene environment is ideal for groups of friends and family to spend some fun time together.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is a popular spot for surfing and other thrilling water sports. Being one of just 10 beaches in India to get a blue flag certification for being environmentally-friendly. The aquatic beach is also a well-known habitat for dolphins, so if you are lucky you may spot one or two occasionally! Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that your favorite hobby is permitted here, so don't forget your fishing equipment!

Breezy Beach

Breezy Beach, also known as Thiruvanmiyur Beach, is one of the lesser known beaches, yet an alluring landmark for guests to visit. Due to it witnessing lesser footfall, it is relatively cleaner to its more famous counterparts. It is the perfect spot for visitors who want to enjoy some quiet time with their special someone or a fun day out with the family. True to its name, it is known for the (mostly)gentle breeze that blows in from the Bay of Bengal.

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