Must-try Street Foods in Chennai

The capital of Tamil Nadu boasts several things, from a vibrant art scene and ancient temples to great food. Chennai is a popular destination in south India. While a city can boast of having many high-end restaurants and expensive hotels, the best representation of the culture and the traditional culinary scene is always the easily accessible street food enjoyed by the local crowd. There is something about street food that distinguishes it from other food items. Devouring a simple, mouth-watering delicacy in a paper bowl while standing next to the street is an experience that cannot be replicated within the walls of a restaurant. Street food in Chennai is simply heavenly as it includes a variety of flavours. They are the perfect snack for a quick respite from hunger. A classic puttu or the spicy kothu parotta, these street foods will leave you wanting more and could even satiate your hunger entirely.

Image depicting a street food destination with several stalls


Bhajji is perhaps one of the most famous street food in Chennai. It is similar to the North Indian dish of pakora but with its own unique flavour. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, bhajjis are usually served with a tangy or spicy chutney to enhance the taste. Nair Mess and Jannal Kadai are two delightful places where you can get the best bhajji in town.

Kothu Parotta

Parotta is a flatbread made of maida or atta, and it tastes amazing without any sides or curries. Kothu parotta is a popular dish in south India, often served alongside a meat-based curry. Kothu Parotta is a shredded version of parotta that is mixed with vegetables, egg and meat. Kothu Parotta is one of the best late-night street food in Chennai, as its filling is enough to make a great dinner.


Despite not being a traditional Indian food, this Burmese delight has won the hearts of Chennaiites. Athouk is a conventional Burmese salad made up of boiled eggs, noodles and served with a soup called mohinga. This foreign dish has successfully managed to merge with the local culinary scene.


Puttu is a popular option for breakfast in south India. Puttu is made by grounding rice and steaming it using a cylindrical vessel, later sprinkled with crushed coconut, giving it its authentic flavour. It is usually served with a curry based on pulses or chickpeas. Chicken curry or mutton curry on the side is also a crowd favourite.


Sundal is one of the heavily underrated street foods in Chennai. Anyone who has tasted this mouth-watering delicacy will agree that this is one of the best snacks you can have while walking on a beach. This dish contains raw mango, coconut, dried peas and asafoetida. Grab a bite of this scrumptious titbit as you experience the cool ocean breeze, and you won’t regret it!


This crispy delight is undoubtedly one of the best street food in Chennai. Murukku is a mix of gram flour and rice flour layered with salt and cumin seeds. The dish is quite enjoyable as it has an inimitable flavour. These coiled snacks go great with a cup of hot tea. Murukku sandwich is a relatively new dish based on Murukku. How is it made, you ask? Murukku is embedded with tomato, mint chutney, onion slices and cucumber. It makes an excellent afternoon snack.

Keep a lookout for these street foods the next time you visit Chennai. A taste of these dishes will instantly make your day and leave you feeling refreshed and optimistic. Consider staying at Raj Park, Chennai, as you plan your trips to these popular street food areas in the city. We offer comfortable accommodations along with other top-tier facilities. The strategic location of our hotel gives you easy accessibility to visit these street food places or beaches.