Famous Handicrafts of Chennai

Chennai, the cultural hub of South India, is a treasure trove of artistic wonders created by skilled artisans. In this blog, we will unravel the beauty and creativity that lie within the handicrafts of this vibrant city. From the colourful textiles to the intricate metalwork and charming pottery, Chennai's handicrafts showcase the essence of its cultural heritage. Join us as we explore the renowned handicrafts of Chennai and discover the best places to find these exquisite creations.

Tanjore Paintings:

Renowned for their intricate details and rich colours, Tanjore paintings are a quintessential part of Chennai's artistic legacy. A unique art form that originated in the Thanjavur region, these paintings often depict deities adorned with gold leaf and semi-precious stones. The timeless elegance of Tanjore paintings makes them prized possessions and cherished gifts for art enthusiasts.

a close up shot of many paint brushes kept inside a small bucket
a close up shot of a bronze sculpture with the background blurred

Bronze and Brass Craft:

Chennai's metalwork has garnered praise for its exquisite beauty. Bronze and brass craft, in particular, showcase skilled artisans' creations of detailed sculptures, capturing deities, musicians and dancers in lifelike forms. The charm of these metal sculptures has earned them a place in the hearts of art lovers and collectors alike.

Pattamadai Mats:

Made from natural grass and woven by skilled hands, Pattamadai mats are a symbol of Chennai's eco-friendly craftsmanship. These mats come in various colours and designs, adding a touch of rustic charm to any living space. The durability and ease of maintenance make them a popular choice among art enthusiasts.

a person working on a handloom making intricate designs
a close up shot of how a kanjiram saree is made from handlooms

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees:

No exploration of Chennai's handicrafts is complete without mentioning the iconic Kanjeevaram silk sarees. Known for their opulence and lustrous texture, these sarees are handwoven with silk and gold zari threads. The intricate patterns and vibrant colours make Kanjeevaram silk sarees a symbol of grace and traditional elegance, making them a favourite choice for weddings and special occasions.

For the best handicraft shopping experience, head to the bustling markets of T. Nagar and Pondy Bazaar. These vibrant hubs offer a plethora of shops and boutiques, showcasing an extensive collection of handicrafts from all over India. You'll find an array of Tanjore paintings, intricate metal sculptures and a variety of wooden handicrafts in Chennai that represent the diverse artistic heritage of this metropolis.

an overview of a bazaar with different hues in the sky in the background
facade view of Raj Park Hotel in Alwarpet with blue sky in the background

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