Upcoming Conferences in Chennai

Chennai is an industrial hub, booming with new IT prospects. It is a land of mushrooming industries that lead to even more halls where corporate guests come to host conferences. Conducting international conferences in Chennai is a popular trend, credit to the many corporate hotels and banquet halls that create the ideal location for such affairs.

a dim-lit conference hall with people attending a symposium

Upcoming Conferences in Chennai

Chennai always organizes a myriad of conferences and events in a year. From medical to agricultural, the city plays a host to all!


The month of January is set to witness a number of conferences. International Conference on Smart Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICSTEEE) is one of the most popular conferences to be held on the 12th of January. It is an international conference that provides a global platform for delegates from all over the world to come together and establish research. The second-most anticipated conference is the International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering, Technology and Science (ICRAETS), which is set to be held on the 13th of January regarding the recent developments in the field of science. Apart from science-based conferences, there are plenty of upcoming medical conferences in Chennai that are set to take place in January. Some of them include International Conference on Recent Advancement in Medical Education, Nursing, and Health Sciences (ICRAMNH), International Conference on Recent Advances in Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences (ICRAMMHS), International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences (ICMHS) and International Conference on Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (ICMPH).


As the month of February begins, Chennai gears up with a line of fresh business meetings and conferences. The first day of the month witnesses a range of symposiums focusing on scientific breakthroughs - International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT) and International Conference on Applied Science Mathematics and Statistics (ICASMS). Apart from science-based conferences, there are conventions planned for the fashion world. International Conference on Current Fashion Trends, Beauty, Apparel and Cosmetology (ICCFBAC) is a conference that is set for 1st February, which is aimed to talk about the newer trends and challenges faced in the fashion industry.


With the end of the previous month, March gets a whole new list of scheduled symposiums. From medicine to technology, there is a plethora of different themes that are touched upon. Some of the conferences that are lined up for the first week are International Conference on Computer Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ICCSMLAI), and International Conference on Business Management and Social Science (ICBMSS). The rest of the month experiences symposiums like World Conference on Science Engineering and Technology (WCSET), International Conference on Forestry Food and Sustainable Agriculture (ICFFSA), and International Conference on Re-thinking Gender and Sexuality (ICRGS) to name a few.

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